Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shroud?

Think of it as a ceremonial wrapping for the body of someone we love who has died. We call ours the "Spirit Cradle"™.  We make them from linen, canvas, cotton and other natural fibers, and they have painted or quilted accents and embellishments. 

Find out more about the materials we have available on our How to Order page, and view examples of shrouds on our Gallery page.

Who can use one?

Anyone who wants a creative, sacred, interactive experience of closure upon the death of someone they love.

When do you use it?

A shroud can be used for burial or cremation. It's beautiful, and it's eco-friendly. You may use one with or without a casket. It's a matter of personal choice.

Instead of a casket?

Yes, a shroud can replace a casket, it's true. A body can be easily lifted and carried in our shrouds, making it considerably lighter than carrying a body inside of a casket. (An average casket can weigh 200 pounds.) Still, that is not its main function, and it's perfectly fine to use a shroud in conjunction with a casket.

What is the main function of a shroud?

Using one of our shrouds provides a hands-on, deeply connective experience of grieving together and letting go. How? The shrouds we make incorporate a unique system in which the fabric is laced up securely around the body. This can easily be done by family members, and offers a simple, symbolic activity to share. When a group of family and friends does this together, there is a non-verbal "knowing" that happens. It's an elegant and tangible way to say goodbye.

Is it legal?

Yes it is. In fact in some of the newer "green" cemeteries and burial parks, it is a preferred option. It functions nicely for cremation as well.

Are your shrouds eco-friendly?

Yes; we place a strong value on using biodegradable materials. Shroud fabrics, quilt batting, ribbon, and even the thread we sew with are all natural and earth friendly. We have found a line of biodegradable paints. These are milk-based paint colored with pure pigments. The palette is softly muted and lends itself well to the nature of my designs.

How much does a shroud cost?

Prices begin at $895. Custom designs are priced individually, depending upon time and materials.   Shipping cost will vary with location. Review our How to Order page for options, choose your colors and give us a call to start a conversation about creating a personalized shroud.

Marian, what is your background?

I am a visionary and artist who has been on a lifelong path of spiritual exploration. These shrouds are a marriage of my art and my values, encouraging creativity in celebrating and honoring the dead.

What about your lectures and workshops?

Presentations and lectures can run from 1-3 hours, culminating with lively Q&A sessions. Workshops can be half-day, full-day, or multi-day events in which we create ceremonies, collages, shrouds, or masks. Or learn about home care of the dead (cheerfully practicing with each other!).

A Fine Farewell will customize any event to meet the needs of your group. Find out more about the events we offer on our Lectures & Workshops page, or contact us to find out how we can bring our experience, compassion and artistry regarding death to your church, group or circle.

Who took the gorgeous photos on this site?

Two talented photographers produced the images for my website. Portland, Oregon-based photographer Pauline Zonneveld, whose work can be seen on her web site. And David Lorenz Winston, whose work is featured on both his website and his blog.

Our burial and cremation shrouds offer a creative, earth-friendly, respectful way to say goodbye


Our materials are non-toxic and biodegradable, which make our shrouds an ideal choice for a "green funeral"


Friends and family can easily carry the body of a loved one using the reinforced handles


Various colors can be combined to create a unique shroud that reflects the tastes of your loved one


Weaving the ribbon to secure a loved one within the shroud can be a profound and meaningful ritual


Our shrouds may be adorned with any special objects that resonate with you